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Posted on: May 29, 2011

Advancements in bandwidth and technology has opened up new doors and experiences, this was proved at the Detroit Music Festival. The Detroit Free Press covered the latest development, unlike the festival zoo  who simply covered the festival itself.

The Detroit Free Press article discussed the difference between the other festivals:

The concept of live concert streaming certainly isn’t new, and video feeds of events such as the Coachella festival have been heralded as recent Internet milestones.

But Movement’s move into full-time, three-day, five-stage audio streaming does emphasize a new era’s arrival, made possible by advancements in bandwidth and technology.

Saturday it symbolized the meeting of music and high tech that has long been the festival’s calling card. Movement’s streams had drawn about 5,000 global listeners by mid-afternoon, said officials with Awdio, the French tech firm behind the webcasts.

The article also included a picture from the festival:

Jaafar Zamat , 21, of Detroit busts a move at Hart Plaza today. / JARRAD HENDERSON/Detroit Free Press

The article includes quotes and information. The article discusses the developments since the festival started.

The Festival Zoo article covers facts and figures, places to stay and also includes videos of the performances.

An article on synthtopia included times and dates of performances, also mentioning the developments in ISP technology:

“ISP Technologies is excited to help make the festival’s fifth stage a possibility by providing our new High Definition Line Array System HDL4210 for the stage,”

The short article included quotes and information, however it is rather brief compared to the detroit free press article.

The festival and developments got some coverage but not by many other media publications. This development raises questions about the future of technology, the audience’s experience changed through these developments. This could be exlpored in another article.

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