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Posted on: May 29, 2011

Mashable covers the integration of 3D and youtube. Technology aimed at inhancing the viewers experience. The article reveals:

Mozilla Firefox, YouTube and Nvidia have teamed up to bring HTML5-based stereoscopic 3D video to owners of Nvidia’s 3D Vision-enabled hardware.

We’ve seen 3D movies and then 3D TV but now the internet is joining in. This raises the question of technology movement and the transfer of technology to different platforms.

The article links to 3DLIVE which shows photos,videos,youtube,apps all in 3D. The inclusion of the video

adds to the article. However it doesn’t take from the fact that its a fairly short article.

CNN article (blog) covered the issue, talking more about the consumer, the downfalls and the developments.

It works only on Firefox 4. Also, 3D Vision, a software/hardware package that costs about $150, must be installed on a compatible PC. And of course, users must wear 3D glasses, which come with the kit.

So, it’s only for people who really, really want it. And aren’t on a Mac. That doesn’t mean it won’t succeed — indeed, it most likely means that Nvidia (NVDA) will be able to keep its price points high for some time to come.

The company forecasts that there will be 40 million PCs with 3D Vision installed by 2015.

The article then talks about the possibilities and how it will ‘explode’.  The brief article was informative but lacked length.

ReelSeo also covered this. Despite the conversational tone there is plenty of information and the  use of  headings allows the information to be easily understood. The article also criticises the developments:

Really, this is still more of an experiment than a full-fledged initiative I imagine. After all, you need a good amount of hardware and the specific software (which we all have by now, right?). On top of that there are only 6,000 or so 3D videos on YouTube at present so it’s not a major drive.

This differs from previous articles which only talk about the techology.

However all the articles seem to agree that

It’s bound to start taking off

With all the developments in technology from health to science to cars to internet and social networking, there is no telling what the future holds. We have already seen the internet’s role in disasters, the explosion of social networking and inventions of new gadgets but audience interaction and developments in technology allow limitless opportunities. We don’t know what’s next in technology, we will have to wait and see.


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