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Posted on: May 26, 2011

The latest technology developments for cars has got the media buzzing. Cohda Wireless, manufactures the dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technology, the newest in car technology. The Sydney Morning Herald posted an article describing the technology that allows cars to ‘talk’ to eachother and avoid crashes, this is because the car has 360 degree awareness. The article included a quote explaining the technology.

“Essentially it allows (DSRC) cars to talk to each and exchange information about the position and speed they are heading,” chief executive Paul Gray

The brief article mentioned the impact it will have on safety and hopefully save lives. The logic being that:

“Roads don’t kill people … people’s inattention causes accidents.”

The technology is predicted to be released by 2015.

The article informs the viewer however it lacks depth. Other stories about the impact of the technology or the trials and practises could be made, otherwise more information about the technology as the Sydney Morning Herald talked about a specific car accident instead of the technology. Although it is relevant that as the developments will help save lives.

It seems that the media went off the press release and have no further information yet as Computerworld and Yahoo are exactly the same as the Sydney Morning Herald, similar to many other sites. So really all of them just went off that basic information. The media has a chance to find out more information, if they want to be different from every other publication they need more or at least some angle to increase interest. The topic itself is interesting but adding in pictures or possibly information of how the technology came to be could be a new avenue.

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