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Posted on: May 22, 2011

Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up to comabt child pornography, the media has taken hold of the situation, shedding light on the current situation.

The Social Barrel covered the issue, the ‘major’ technology company Microsoft and the popular social networking site Facebook are portrayed as the hero sites combating child porn with a new software called PhotoDNA. The article includes several quotes informing the audience of the effiency and security of the technology saying that its:

”very efficient technology and will not slow down a network”

and that it has

“scanned over two billion images without a single false positive.”

The short but fairly informative article gives a base of information on the subject.

Ebrandz also covered the breaking news with a long and detailed article. The article brushes off the hype about LinkedIn’s IPO and instead focuses on the ”alliance” between the two companies. The article talks of the ”National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) PhotoDNA program” and uses this quote:

“This technology dubbed as PhotoDNA now being used by Facebook is a natural for any web site that uses images, either to find predators that have already been identified or just simply so people can find pictures of folks that they want to find online,”

 The media portray children as innocent and as victims. Often mentioning predators, crimes and injustice. This is seen in the  Cnet article:

And every time these crime scene images are viewed, the children in the images are re-victimized

 Also they use the Digital Crimes Unit photo to accompany the article, similar to several other articles.

The issue of security and privacy is a constant theme in the articles, the vulnerability of children and the need for protection and safety is constantly repeated, this is evident in this quote used in the article:

Protecting Facebook users, especially the many young people who use our site, has always been a top priority and we devote significant resources to developing innovative systems to proactively monitor the site for suspicious activity and the rare cases of illegal content,”
Alternatively the technonewsworld ignores facebooks alliance and focuses on a social networking bill that is trying to allow security options to be accessed when signing up for the site, also the article slanders facebook by accusing the site of trying to smear google.
The general media coverage portrays the Microsoft and Facebook alliance as heroic and positive, playing on societies fears of child exploitation and the destruction of innocence. Fox News covered the issue a little differently by linking facebook and the police rather than microsoft. Although the information in the article is pretty similar to the others. Other angles or stories that could arise from this could be the privacy issue on facebook as it scans pictures put on the site, perhaps any flaws and faults of the technology or a story could be done when the technology actually starts to catch criminals.

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