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Posted on: May 3, 2011

Vodafone has received a ton of criticism regarding their services as they have failed to uphold their promises. The media has covered this issue focusing on vodafones failures and a lawsuit. Due to their failing services Vodafone offered a day of free texting however most people on the plans and caps already have free texting making the free day of texting irrelevant and useless.

A Vodafail page has been launched which shows a news feed,common complaints and problems and also how to complain about the services. There is also a vodafail twitter feed on the page.

The Australian post jumped on the bandwagon posting about the vodafail site. The Age  posted an article about Vodafail the musical, a parody created to mock the failing network and has spread rapdily through social networking.The main coverage of the issue being about the failure of the network. The news covered the issue adding quotes from the company:

”(We) have been working with customers that have contacted us directly to understand the exact nature of the issues they may have encountered and provide appropriate information and solutions,” the statement said today.”We are pleased with our progress in optimising the network following our issues last year.”While we will keep working and investing heavily in further improvements, drive testing results to determine actual network performance has been very encouraging.”

This is in comparison to the other articles which merely point on the faults and complaints. The Sydney Morning Herald talked about the complaints over SMS, using tweets from Vodafone users to emphasise the unhappiness. The Herald Sun’s rather short article announced the free text period and lacked much information.
It’s clear that Vodafone isn’t receiving much positive media coverage due to the faults in the network.

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