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Posted on: April 25, 2011

 “Communication is changing so rapidly that we have to keep up with it and it presents us with huge opportunities.”

This quote was found in a technology article discussing how technology is used by ministers to tend to flocks,it also ad, resses how churches are using technology in religion. The article is fairly short, has some depth but lacks an authoritive tone. The quotes and information are useful but in the end just mention the consequences  of technology like cyber bullying.

The issue of churches integrating technology is addressed in The journal of technology, theology and religion. Religion is being put onto the internet into a virtual world called second life. This idea is the basis of discussion in the article. The article highlights the use of technology in religion:

”Virtual worlds can be seen as means for supporting individual participation, and also for negotiating expressions and content in contemporary religious life”

The two completely different formats, one being an online article and one a academic journal article both relate to the idea that technology is allowing participation and is changing the ways in which we communicate, also how religion has evolved due to these changes. Technology concors the problem of distance and allows international communication and interaction.

These articles could be built on by addressing other ways that technology has influenced society and changed the original structures, not just religion but other aspects such as business and how that world has changed the way companies work.

Technology intergration is just one issue of many being covered in news at the moment. International technology and competition, the release and production of new gagdets and developments in technologies are also being covered.

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