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Gagdets are getting a complex

Posted on: April 3, 2011

Lately the media’s coverage of technology, specifically gagdets is mainly highlighting the release of the iPad2 but for a while now the media has put their two cents in about anticipated release of the iphone5. Most publicity involves the rumour mill and sorting the facts,lies and flaws. However the media is always covering the new,better versions of old scraggy gagdets that become outdated the minute they are released and a new version is alerady being talked of. It seems these communication devices will get a complex never being good enough,always having a flaw and then a newer, better and less faulty version comes along and it goes on and on and on.

An online article from hubpages talks of the now older version of the iphone already being replaced:

 ‘As if the iPhone 4 wasn’t groundbreaking enough, the iPhone 5 is going to revolutionize the world of cell phones” and  ”If you’re thinking about buying the iPhone 4, you’ll be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 instead.”

This article talks up the iphone5 and undermines the iphone4. 

There is always a new version, a better version. Technology is constantly growing and evolving.  Techradar has an article that compares the new gagdets, mentioning the ipad2,the iphone4 and talk of a smaller version of the iphone5 (ALREADY) called the iPhone Nano . Despite this the iphone5 is still being talked up and has even included a digital wallet where it will be able to act as a credit card.  Near field communication

The article clears up rumours of the iphone5 and updates the audience on the new improvements and where it stands in relation to other releases such as the ipad2.

The media has covered the advantages, the rumours and now he iphone5 even has its own blog that isnt afraid to point out the glitches and problems caused with apple and android saying that 

”Apple could suffer an even worse disaster with the iPhone 5, if for no other reason than the fact that iPhone users are early anticipating NFC technology on the next iPhone”.

Which brings me back to the constant updating of technology. There is always faults that can be improved on and i think the iphone5 blog gets it right when it says:

”It’s just a good idea to recognize that, if the iPhone 5 is more than a simple refresh, more things could go wrong.”

Technology is always improving and moving forward but at what point will the media and the public get sick of always having a new gadget, a new technology or a new social network to master. It seems we will either continue to evolve or revert back,either way the media will be there to point out the advantages and disadvantages and help us along the road towards or away from technology.

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