Technological World

Living in a technology-saturated world

Posted on: March 15, 2011

It is said that we are living in a ”MediaSaturated World”. Howevereverywhere we go, everything we do. There it is –Technology. How do we find out about these things? The media. Its a combination of the two, a relationship. There are many platforms and catergories but how do the media cover technology? From tech and gadgets to business and marketing to social media, all catergories national and international are on the media’s radar. The media’s close interaction with technology makes it important.

  The media’s focus on coverage of social media and how it plays a part in everyday life and also how gagdets are integrated with these developments reveals how its important to stay connected in the modern technological world.

 The media covers technology issues ranging from teens and younger children using the internet to how it plays a part internationally with natural disasters to which ipad is better. There is even coverage on what gadgets are best to take on holidays. Notice that this article also has twitter and facebook interactions, so you can like and share. This shows how media combine there own personal use of technology to cover issues regarding technology, how to use technology and keeping the public informed on all the developments and issues regarding technology.

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