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Posted on: March 15, 2011

    New technology and gadgets are constantly emerging from iphones to ipads as well as issues about the way they are used and how they affect the world, the media seems to offer different angles. The main concerns of consumers are how much they cost,are they worth purchasing , what are the faults and what are the improvements.

 The media has taken full advantage of societies interest. This is evident in the release of the ipad2. The faults and improvements are argued thoroughly through different media. Faults, flaws and talk of an ipad 3 are one angle taken while a more technical and helpful aspect informs the audience of battery life, applications and other tests. The Detroit Free Press points out all the problems and developments but focuses more on the advantages. 

Different people have different opinions which means the media covers a range of aspects of the product. Alternative approaches and angles are taken but all conform to what the consumer wants. The main concerns are the problems with the phone and the cost as well as how the product connects the user through social networking, calling, messaging or skyping. Its important that the media covers this product and its issues because its a source of communication and connecting to eachother. Technology closes the issue of space and time but now its more of a competition to have THE BEST product that has the most advanced technology creating the arguement of advantages and disadvantages. There is always going to be a problem found by the competition who can use this to their advantage (For example the ipad vs the rivals article) . The media’s insight into this helps the public understand which benefits their decision making into what commucation device to buy.

The media also covers how these devices  linked to social networking have helped natural disaster situations. By covering news about new gadgets, it raises awareness of the functions [social networking,connecting]. The latest disasters in Christ Church and Japan are prime examples of media technology coverage, mainly the role in which it has aided families. CBS News highlights googles role in helping Japan’s struggle as well as twitter promoting a new movie, the selling of the iPad2 and issues with amazon and xbox. This is a perfect example of how the media is covering technology and the range of topics involving social networking,disasters, communicating and the interaction of these components. Not only covered indiviually as nations but internationally covered, evident in the international news coverage. This highlights media’s coverage of twitter, google and other social networking sites involvement and how it has affected the world and how we handle these situations. It all comes down to connecting and communicating with and through the use of technology. The media uses the technologies and covers these issues and situations highlighting the disadvantages and advantages of the gadgets themselves, the use of social networking and how it affects society.

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